The Taming of the Rake

The Taming of the Rake - Kasey Michaels 2.5 stars out of 3.If your main character is going to be super-sarcastic and bitchy, she must also have a softer side, a sense of humor, or something redeeming about her that makes you want to like her. Chelsea did not have that "other" side. She was pushy, demanding, used guilt to get her way, and basically manipulated Beau to get what she wanted. The ironic part of all this is, Chelsea, as a young girl, in the beginning of the book, showed a tender side. Sadly, that tenderness was nowhere to be found once she reached adult hood.Beau, what can I say about Beau. I liked him. He had a sense of humor but he also had issues. My problem is I didn't do my review right after I read the book. I rated it and moved on. Now, I forgot most of the story. I had to look at my updates just to remember what happened. That, in itself, speaks volumes about what I thought of the book.It was simply forgettable.