Partials - Before you read my review…I originally rated this book 4 out of 5 stars but after I wrote my review, I lowered it to 2.5 out of 5 stars (rounded up to 3 stars). My reasons… I rated the book immediately after reading it and I was clearly caught up in the last 25% of the book. When I wrote my review, I realized that the majority of my review was negative and I had plenty of issues with the story. Thus, I changed my rating.The BadI didn’t feel a real connection with the characters. The real story seemed centered on dying babies, half robot soldiers, isolated humans being controlled by a secretive government, and a protesting secretive group that doesn’t like the government’s control. The characters felt like they were placed in the story after the fact and could be interchanged. While, in the end, I found myself liking Kira, I didn’t feel a real connection to her. If she had died along the way, I wouldn’t have felt any real sadness. If she had turned out to be a traitor, I wouldn’t have felt any real anger. If one of the minor characters suddenly took over the story, I wouldn’t have minded.The world building. Dan Wells did his homework. He created a virus, explained it quite well, explained its impact on the world population, and came up with a creative solution to the virus. He also created a war, a fractured government, half humans, explanations for the survivors, and stories for the dead. The problem is the more he explained, the bigger the hole he created as well. While his explanations were plausible, they didn’t seem probable. I couldn’t prove him wrong (well, actually in a few areas I probably could have but I didn’t want to put forth that much work) but I was thinking in my head “ahhh, yeah, I don’t think so”. The believability factor started decreasing, the more Wells tried to explain what was going on. I almost wished he hadn’t done so much work to explain everything. Leave some to the imagination of the reader. The reader can’t argue with a writer if the explanation is in our own head.The GoodThe Partials. I loved the entire Partials vs. Humans concept. I feel like it has been played out especially in old sci-fi shows but I still liked it. I especially loved the twist. I was even more surprised that I didn’t guess the twist. It was interesting because I pride myself on figuring twists out and this one blindsided me.The world building. I know, it is in the “Good” and in the “Bad” but you are gonna have to deal with my weird reviews. While the world building had lots of issues for me, it also was pretty impressive. Maybe I’m giving Wells kudos for effort but this IS my review so whatever.The last 25% This is really where the story began. I know that doesn’t seem like a good thing but once the action in the story took off, I found myself hooked. I stopped worrying about the credibility of the science or my ambivalence to the characters and just sat back and enjoyed the ride.