King Hall

King Hall - Scarlett Dawn My review at below.. My Review:King Hall is a great teaser for book two. In King Hall, we are introduced to a large number of characters and learn about an interesting new world. That in itself is not a bad thing. Plenty of times, we the reader must learn who’s who as the story progresses. The key is as the story progresses. King Hall had no story. It was about a group of friends and that’s it. The author introduces the characters, lets us know each character’s weaknesses and strengths and shows off those strengths and weaknesses. There was numerous passages about how they (the characters) relate to each other through love, hate, fear, intimidation and power plays. The entire book seemed so bloated with references to what this character could or could not do or passages regarding setting up the world the characters lived in, that I started thinking this was like a Wikipedia reference book rather than a story.The book summary talks of “chaos” and “revolution” but that is only touched upon and mainly at the very end and yes, with a major cliffhanger. Here is my problem with this book. I finished it. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have bothered to finish it. So I sat here and thought about my review and realized I was annoyed. It was like the author has this great, engaging story in her head, and has so much to tell her readers but she didn’t know where to begin. This book, the author and this story has great potential. I’m eager to read book two because the characters are now introduced, the world is built and all that is left, is the hope for a great story.