By a Thread (Elemental Assassin)

By a Thread - Jennifer Estep Ok, I really gave this another try. I even made it to 70% but I am absolutely bored with it. I no longer find Gin a likable character. The only characters that I truly like are Owen, Finn, and Sophia. update....I decided to give the book another chance. Too many people have messaged me regarding how much better this book is than the previous one. So im trusting all of them! My old ranting belowI'm giving up on this series. There was so much I liked so much about this series but I can't do it anymore. To prove my point, fellow readers...take the following test, I bet you can pass with FLYING colors since it is repeated over and over again in all the books.Finn is Gin's _________ brother?What type of coffee is Finn's favorite?How many knives does Gin normally carry and where are they located on her body?Come on, admit it, you knew the answers automatically didn't you? This is why I'm stopping. I literally cringe when I see the repetition and that is when I know I no longer want to read this book nor continue with the series.