Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #10)

Lover Reborn - J.R Ward Read my thoughts (not really a review) here...(on the blog, you get my thoughts AND AH's thoughts so two for the price of one.) here...Michelle’s ThoughtsWow. I usually do not continue reading a series for 10 books. I also, usually do not read a series where the author changes the main characters for each book in the series. Nevertheless, I find myself still reading the BDB series & I’m almost embarrassed to say…. I still like those boys. In fact, I REALLY like those boys. There is something intriguing about an almost 7 foot, almost 300 pound man vampire that is not only dangerous, but lusts after you like a raging animal in heat. Seriously, I think Ward is a genius. She can talk about a foot long hard-on straining within skin tight leather pants, cum stained sheets, women so badly in “heat” that no man vampire can be in the same room as them, and NOT have her books categorized as straight porn. BRILLIANT. Ward does something else that is brilliant. She tells a really damn good story. My only problem? The story has too many points of view. Ward takes a 250 page story and makes it 500 plus pages by telling way too many POV. It kills the book. In fact, you’ll find that even the most die-hard Ward fans find themselves skimming those not-so-interesting “bad guy” POV’s!Overall- Cut the POV’s. It is starting to look like a cheap tactic to fill pages. You are a brilliant author Ms. Ward. Stick to what you do best- writing one story in one book and maybe next time, I’ll bump up my rating (not that it matters... you have your fans regardless of what little ole me thinks)!!!