Make Me Shiver (Just Make Me, #1)

Make Me Shiver (Just Make Me, #1) - Aline Hunter Updated.. I wrote the previous review on my phone. so Just making corrections... 4.5 out of 5 stars. First… a disclaimer.I’m a huge Jaime Saare/Aline Hunter fan. So far, there is not a book I haven’t loved. Also, Jaime is now one of my favorite people and I consider her a friend. So, if I didn’t like the book, rather than give it a lower rating, I’d not review/rate it all. I’m just being honest. However, even with my fun little disclaimer, I must say… Jaime, wow. That was hot!Now onto the bookMake Me Shiver made me want my own Michael (and Brady but that is another story). What a great lead male character. Yes, he was Dom, but he was also loving, thoughtful, very manly, and let Lacey set the pace for all their “adventures”, while still being the Dom in the D/s scene. When the situation with Aly occurred (former sub who took the “sub” culture a bit too far), I expected Michael to play the Dom role into real life and push Lacey too much, too soon. Didn’t happen.Lacey, well, at first I didn’t know about her. It bugged me for some reason that she didn’t give Michael the benefit of the doubt when they initially tried to hook up at the club, but then she spends all her hours “researching” the Dom/sub scene on the internet. When they meet up again (her car goes off the road), she suddenly is willing to spend the night with him and she is willing to go down into the basement (not just a basement). Not only is she willing, but she is willing to experiment in a lifestyle that she only knew from internet videos. So, she goes from over-cautious to careless just because she does a bit of research. Isn’t research supposed to make you smarter?HOWEVER, Jaime is a serious master of character development and sure enough, I came to love Lacey. While she starts off making foolish decisions, she ends up being a thoroughly enjoyable character.OverallCharacters- great, story- good (too short- but this is erotica so I didn’t expect a ton of plot development), sex scenes- smoking! Loved it.