Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher This was actually really good and it is contemporary romance. If any of you are crazy enough to follow the books I read (I'm sorry if you do but I love you all the same), you know I'm not a fan of contemporary romance. Why???Usually... the man is all perfect, perfect job, perfect He-Man strength, able to leap tall buildings using his dick (pardon me all you kiddies) and can make his woman come three times BEFORE he comes once. YEAH RIGHT!This book had a guy that wasn't perfect (but totally hot), who didn't have a perfect job, wasn't physically the Terminator (just a normal hot guy). While he was VERY good in bed, he actually DID get exhausted. As for making his woman come more times than some women come in their entire lifetime, well he IS a prostitute so he has lots of practice making his women happy!Overall-I would have actually liked a longer book. I really enjoyed the two characters.