Prized (Birthmarked Trilogy)

Prized - Caragh M. O'Brien If the debut book in a series is even semi- good, I will continue with a series. I understand that it is hard for a debut book in a series to knock my socks off because you have significant amount of world building, and brand new characters to introduce. Usually, the plot is deep in the book and so I know patience is the key. Why I wanted to read book 2 in the Birthmarked series? I liked book 1 but I did not love it. I did like the 2nd half and because I thought it had potential, I wanted to see where the author was going with the story. Knowing that I liked the 2nd half of book 1, I figured that book 2 would continue where the 2nd half left off.Sadly, I was wrong. I’m not sure why, but the author chose to start all over again. Book 2 is essentially a completely different book than book 1. Brand new characters, brand new location, and brand new world building.Now, hold on before you get all your undies in a bunch, I do know that Gaia ended up at the new location because she escaped the Enclave. But for the life of me, I do not understand why the author chose to create an entirely new world with new rules, a new set of problems, and called it the 2nd book in the same series. It’s one thing to move locations. It’s an entirely different thing to move dystopian worlds. And yes, I hear your arguments. “But Michelle, if the author wants to create a new dystopian world in her book 2 that is her business.” Well that is good and all, but at least build your world (that is why it is called world building)! Have this new world make sense, and not be pieced together via information dump by various characters. Oh and don’t get me started regarding these characters.Gaia- What a horrible character she turned out to be. She reminds me of a 10 year old rather than a strong female heroine. She was whiny (yeah, I know I’m whiny too but I’m also not the lead in a book), selfish, indecisive, and pretty damn stupid in her decisions.Leon- What the hell? Why would the author do this to Leon? I’m not talking about what happens to Leon in this book but what happens to his personality. Seriously, Leon is basically a new character in this book.All the other ridiculous characters in the book. I honestly believed that the author wrote her story and inserted the characters after the fact. She created flat, boring, one-dimensional characters out of a need to move the story along with a complete disregard to the overall impact those characters would make on the reader. They were either boring or just well… boring.I was so frustrated with this book. Even writing this review is difficult because it makes me want to rant and considering my writing while calm is a bit rough, my writing while ranting is an adventure in itself (thus, I’ll edit this later when my frustration dies down again).