Midnight's Wild Passion - Anna Campbell Wow. Wow. Wow. This was an excellent historical romance novel. The basics-The Marquess of Ranelaw wants revenge. Years ago, Godfrey Demarest allegedly ruined his sister and he plans to return the favor by ruining his one and only daughter.Miss Antonia Smith is hiding. She was ruined years ago, cast from her family, and fled to her cousin’s home to become her cousin’s companion. Antonia hides her looks so that no one will identify her for fear that she will now disgrace her cousin’s family.Miss Antonia Smith’s cousin happens to be Godfrey Demarest’s daughter. Antonia will do whatever it takes to make sure her cousin does not experience the shame and embarrassment that she felt 10 years earlier. Doing whatever it takes, includes keeping her cousin away from Ranelaw, a man she does not trust.Antonia might be able to keep her cousin away from Ranelaw but she is having a hard time squashing her own desire and attraction to the man.Ranelaw, intent on destroying Demarest’s daughter, is quickly sidetracked by Antonia. Not because of Antonia’s actions but because he knows there is something about Antonia that makes him forget everything about revenge and only about his desire for Antonia.What I LOVED-The characters. The descriptions, the history, and the personalities of the characters made the characters come alive. The interactions between Antonia and Ranelaw were heartbreaking, tender, tough, and humorous. It was fun to watch Ranelaw transform from a heartless man bent on revenge to a caring, confused man in love. Antonia goes from a discreet, walled off, heartbroken, lonely woman to a woman full of passion and life.Overall-I really do not have any complaints about the book. I enjoyed in its entirety and thus, gave it 5 stars!