The Man Who Crossed Worlds - Chris Strange Badass Hidden Gem.. and read my review at... below....I am not a Harry Dresden fan. There, I said it. I don't know why, but Jim Butcher's series never captured my attention. Because of my lack of love for Harry, I thought I just didn't like male protagonists in urban fantasy novels. I know, it's quite the leap to make but I thought if I didn't like Harry, I wasn't going to like any others. Then, I read a few great books with teen male protagonists and I discovered how wrong I was. In fact, I love male lead characters even more than female lead characters. It just goes to show... don't judge all books by one book in its genre (I know, that is not how the saying goes)!When I was asked to review this book. I was skeptical that I would even get through page 1. The cover is a bit weird. I didn't know what a "noir-drenched" book was like, and when the character in the book was being compared to Harry Dresden, I was like "oh no". So, what do I do, I notified the author that I would read his book. I'm always up for a good challenge.Imagine my surprise when I flew through the book. Imagine my surprise when I formulated my review in my head so I could convince other potential readers to give this book a chance disregarding the weird cover, or the what-the-heck book summary. Imagine my surprise when I was grateful for my illogical acceptance of the author's review request!Miles Franco, is the male protagonist in The Man Who Crossed Worlds. Miles is a Tunneler. He can create a hole (known as the "tunnel") between two worlds (and two separate realities). The other world is nicknamed "Heaven" and has a human-like species known as "Vei". The reality in Heaven can be volatile and because of this, travelers to Heaven must be careful. For example, a gun brought into Heaven might explode in the user's hands because the molecules of the gun might warp before the bullet leaves the chamber. To survive the passage to Heaven, and to survive the warped reality in Heaven once you are there, you need a very good tunneler. Miles Franco is once of the best.Because Miles Franco is the best, people want to use him. The gangs (very similar to the mafia) want Miles to help transporting drugs to and from Heaven. The police want Miles to stop these so-called gangs. Everyone wants a piece of Miles and they are willing to play dirty. Miles does not know whom to trust and where to run to.It doesn't help that Miles is a smart ass who doesn't know when to shut up. Miles finds it hard to keep quiet even when facing life ending danger. His way of dealing with his own possible demise is to crack jokes. I liked this about Miles. While obviously talented, and very intelligent, his inability to keep quiet, made him seem more real and personable. Miles is also the first to point out that having this talent, and being good, has caused nothing but trouble in his life but he is still compelled to do good. There is a ton of world building in this book especially at the beginning. Because the author does a damn good job of world building, the action, mystery and meat of the story does not happen until around the 45% mark. However, Chris Strange is a strong writer so the reader is rewarded for their patience!Overall- A likable character, a strong suspense filled mystery, and a fascinating new world makes this book a great read. I can't wait to read more from Chris Strange in the future!