Unraveling (Unraveling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris My name is Janelle, I'm the star of this book. I'm super smart. I am way above all these social misfits in this book, in fact, they are so beneath me, I just call them "stoners" or whatever else I see fit. My boyfriend Nick is a loser, I'm just with him because I felt sorry for him and when he smiles, he is soooooo devilishly handsome. I'm going to lie to avoid him, and use my friend Alex to come up with excuses to stay away from Nick. Oh yes, don't forget Alex. He's my super smart best friend who happens to live next door. We are so smart that some gravitational force caused the two super smart (and I mean brilliant) people to end up right next door to each other. It was a brilliant move in terms of storytelling. Even though I'm super smart, any future bad behavior on my part, we can blame my mom. My mom is bipolar, and she has ups and downs faster than a roller coaster, so if I'm not that stable, we'll blame her, because her bipolar is the perfect textbook bipolar that helps set this story up as well.Let's not forget about Ben. He's a stoner but he doesn't smell like smoke so I think he's not a real stoner. Because stoners always smell like smoke. Remember, I'm brilliant, and I make brilliant deductions.But you'll never be as brilliant as me since you stopped reading. Oh well, I'll be super smart, and brilliant without you.