College Boys (Men of Holsum College, #1)

College Boys - Daisy Harris I never expected to like this book enough to read it non-stop but yeah, it happened. Chris and Peter are "almost" roommates in a college dorm. Why almost? Because in reality, there is a paper thin wall between the two of them. Really, it's paper thin. The boys can hear EVERYTHING the other one is doing, EVERYTHING! Chris is straight. Peter is not. However, Chris is curious and the more he hears, the more curious he is. Peter doesn't want to be attracted to Chris, he's wants more from his relationships and is willing to wait to find the right guy. He doesn't want to just satisfy Chris's one time urges, he wants Chris the guy and not Chris, a one-night stand. Besides being super hot, the book is well written and actually very sweet. My only complaint is that the ending was very rushed. However, the journey to the end was very rewarding. Overall great read.