Cannibal Reign

Cannibal Reign - Thomas Koloniar My first review after two months away from the blog.... can also read it below...Did you ever read a book and think to yourself right afterwards..This would make a great summer blockbuster movie?That is exactly what I thought when I read Cannibal Reign. It is full of action, horror, drama, and lots of edge-of-your-seat suspense.With the action, horror and suspense that was a constant throughout the book, I feared that the story would be incomplete or simply lacking. Thankfully, I was wrong. Koloniar clearly thought out his story. It was well developed from the moment Marty discovers the asteroid, through the preparations and decisions made by Jack, to the actual impact and everything that occured afterwards.My only complaint? The female characters in the book not only take a minor role in the book but females seem to be at the mercy of their men for almost everything. In fact, the only strong, tough, standout female character was a soldier who acted like a man in all aspects even down to her sexual preferences..she likes women. And when this female soldier is raped repeatedly, Koloniar has her just move on like it was nothing but a sexual act.When the book was finished, I wanted to love it, I really did. The story was so much fun, the suspense kept me flipping the pages, and it was downright scary at times. As time went by, and I kept thinking about the book, the more annoyed I was with the way Koloniar wrote his female characters. This annoyance regarding the female characters is new for me. I didn’t even know I cared about female representation until it wasn’t there. And if this book can bring out my inner feminist, you know something is way off.Overall: A great story with a major flaw. If you can overlook the problem, you’ll love it. If characters are important to you, you might not.